19 Weird Facts About An Average Muslim Girl

There is no use pretending that living in today’s world is easy especially being a Muslim. International media has taken it upon itself to spew disinformation about Islam and Muslims so much so that I’d be scared to live next to or encounter one in the supermarket myself. So I decided to share some things about an average Muslim girl as I know one very closely. She is a couple of years shy of turning thirty so she still likes to deem herself a girl and not a woman.

Although being Muslim is a central part of her everyday life, her personality and outlook towards life is hugely a product of the culture she grew up in, her upbringing, and personal experiences so I won’t be surprised if some of the facts I share below sound totally horrific or bizarre to some.

1. She LOVES to sleep. Now that she is a mom that is one of the biggest sacrifices she has had to make. For the most part she is used to it but some days when she lacks sleep she has the tendency to turn into a momster.

2. She loves to coordinate any accessories she wears with her clothes and headscarf but is also usually too lazy to do so, so mostly she just walks out accessoring with just a ring her husband gifted her on their first anniversary.

3. She has very weak eyesight because as a child she used to light an “electric” torch under her blanket to read her favorite novels that included the Harry Potter series, Enid Blyton stories, Archie comics, and when she grew up a bit, any English novel she could lay her hands on.

4. Her favorite color is pink. She has had to sacrifice not having an all pink wardrobe and room after marriage (a major sacrifice if you must ask!) but inside she is still a “pink” girl.

5. Growing up her favorite toy was a Barbie doll, any Barbie doll. She still loves them but now its more of a mature collectible hobby than playing (or so she tells herself that).

6. She never really liked the kitchen as a place to work in. She’d only go in there to eat. She learnt how to make a roti and knead dough 3 years after marriage when her baby started eating solids and insisted on eating it everyday. She also did not know how to cook when she was married because her father just wanted her to concentrate on studies and not worry about any chores.

7. When she did learn how to cook, she was amazed at her own self because for all she knew she could never even break an egg straight.

8. She met her husband online, not on a dating website, or any other website of the sort, but purely coincidentally while searching for colleges online. So much for living in a prehistoric era!

9. She is scared of lizards and mice, mostly because once she had a mouse sleeping on her face and woke up just in time before it could take a bite.

10. She loves to write and when she can’t she tends to get stressed and sometimes depressed.

11. Her best friends are from high school and college. Making new best friends is one of the hardest things for her to do.

12. She enjoys being a full time mom and usually she can do it for 14 hours straight without sleep. Then the momster starts waking up.

13. She has had crushes ever since she was nine or ten-including celebrities. Oh the horror!

14.  She has an MBA degree because that is all her father wished to see from her, a higher education degree, the fruit of his life’s efforts.

15. She worked in a corporate environment for several years. She was promoted too. Yet she hated corporatism. Free speech and education getting to the head much?

16. She is opinionated, strong willed, and can carry out an intellectual conversation if you will.

17. She likes to gossip with her girlfriends.

18. She does not judge you when you give her headscarf ugly glances like she has horns on her head or something. Or when you do the same to her husband’s beard.

19. She loves her parents to death.

So there you have it. If you are not appalled yet, I must congratulate you for not being brainwashed by whatever media feeds you, and having your own opinion in the world of puppets.

PS. this post is my first attempt at a sarcastic/humorous take on the otherwise hard time Muslims have to go through today. It is not meant to hurt anyone’s feelings, and is solely based on my personal experiences.


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