Things I Absolutely Love About America

It will be 9 years since I stepped foot in this country this week and while it gave me a fair share of troubles (that I now deem as self-development phases), there are a number of things that I absolutely adore about it. Not that I forgot where I came from or I still don’t miss it, but one has to understand something about people who choose to start over and make homes in another country land-we fall in love with both places because both are home and somehow our souls are like nomads’. If nomads attach too much with one place they will never discover the life and bounties another beautiful place has to offer. So yes it is totally fine, according to me, to live in separate places and have your heart in all of them.

1. One can get married in ANY way possible, with ANY amount of money or no money at all, with ANY guests of their choice, and with ANY one. I wish this is one thing the whole world adopted as a culture. You could get married by the lake or by the zoo or in a five star hotel, wearing your grandmother’s 100 year old wedding dress or a designer gown, with just close family and friends, or 500 people, yet you would not be judged or talked about for the rest of your life at all!

2. Funerals are civil, organized, and a human/humane affair. A funeral procession quietly passing by without disrupting traffic or anyone else’s routine is quite consoling.

3. Despite media disinformation, normal people treat each other with the utmost respect and honor. I have met some of the most honest and truest people who are not Muslim or from an Asian country but are some of the best human beings I came across.

4. There is a service/good for every thing, and I mean everything.

5. You earn respect and get it instead of demanding it. If you are a douchebag you will most likely be treated like one.

6. Laws and regulations make life easier. Where I am not a proponent of a Big Brother level scrutiny, simple every day laws do make life easier.

7. People in service live up to their name and duty. Though there are some impolite and insincere servicemen who get the limelight, there are officers, etc. who remain true to their jobs and do put public interest before their own.

8. As a new inhabitant, this country will grill you and drill you so much that if you are normal, you will be forced to let go of any pretension, arrogance, and royal attitude you originally brought with you. Eventually you will learn the art of self-reliance and be proud of it.

9. Everyone does their own work without feeling embarrassed or ashamed including wiping toilets at home (being average people of course), doing the dishes, laundry, mow the lawn, clean snow, etc. You just cannot afford to be lazy.

So there you have it. These are some of the things I really like and enjoy about living here. If every culture adopted the good things of each other wouldn’t this world be a great place to coexist? Just some food for thought.


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