If everyone in the world was HONY…


In the wake of recent HONY posts about other countries, and the amount of love, support, and aid they have received, I could not help but wonder what if everyone in the world was HONY, or if not that, then at least viewed and “liked” everyone else like we view, like, and feel for all of HONY’s posts?

Well, for one, we’d have no issue striking up conversation with the person sitting next to us in the bus, or our next door old neighbors, or even our own families. We would feel genuine compassion for people, respect for their struggles and lives, and empathy for their stories. We would not judge them a thousand times in our heads after hearing their troubles (a seriously grave issue especially in eastern cultures).

When I hit like on a HONY post, its because I can relate to that post’s story, their pain, or happiness, or whatever emotion it portrays. It makes me feel accepted, and not alone in this big, vicious world. It makes me realize that no matter how different I look on the outside from someone born in NYC or Iran, or any other place in the world, on the inside we are all the same. Our souls come from a common source. I know this because when I read about a daughter and how she wants to make her parents proud, I can relate. When I see a mother’s plight for her children, I can relate. When I see an old couple sharing their love story, I can relate. When I see someone sharing feelings about a sick parent, I can relate.

We are all innately compassionate. Its one of the essential ingredients of the clay we are made of. Then why is it that we find it so much easier to help out a perfect stranger that we have zero chances of ever meeting in person, at the other end of the world, than someone living next door, or even in our own homes? Why is it hard to be appreciative of our parents, spouses, siblings, children? Yes, it is an amazing thing that HONY is doing by bridging gaps that the media would never want to fill, and by erasing misconceptions about humans in another part of the world, and by providing a platform for genuine help for genuinely good and caring people. But it would also be nice if we, at our homes, in our neighborhoods, in our cities, and countries, start our own individual HONY projects and aim to at least smile at someone everyday, be it our spouse, children, mailman, neighbor, shopkeeper, anybody. Its the smallest gift we can share with someone. For everything else and big, there’s HONY.


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