Fathers and daughters…


I am at my parents’ for a day and I am yet again reminded of the unfathomable love my father has for me. He suffers from Alzheimer’s and cannot even remember the last time he ate or used the restroom yet when my mom asked him to come have lunch he asked her if I had eaten or not. I was busy with my toddler at the time who was shouting to inform me of a diaper change or something yet when I overheard my dad it made me stop and appreciate this blessing-a father’s love for his daughter.

This is one thing that always takes me back to being a little girl and an endless array of childhood emptiness.

As I walked out of the shower a little while ago I saw my father standing up in front of the living room sofa where I had placed my 3 month old while I went to shower, away from my 2 year old peacefully napping away in the other room. I was worried she would start crying and wake her brother up but she was laughing and cooing as my father kept her busy by playing with her. Someone who is incapable of taking care of his own self was busy comforting his grand daughter so his own daughter could peacefully have some time on her own.

Parenthood amazes me. The love it entails blows my mind away. It does not matter whether we have children or not, we are all children when it comes to parents. So guys with daughters, needless to say, love them, hug them, praise them, enjoy their company, just a little bit more because one day you will have to part with them for whatever reason, not necessarily marriage, and that day you and her both would wish you had some more time to spend together. Daughters are those that the Prophet PBUH stood up in front of his own just to show his respect. May Allah Bless all daughters and their fathers, Ameen.


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