Inspiration #1

I have been meaning to start writing short accounts like this one for a while now. Up till now managing time has been my greatest issue so I am unable to allocate time, let alone ample time, for writing. But yet again I vow to not slide back into oblivion and keep writing regularly. Let’s see how successful I am this time with two little monkeys sucking the very last droplet of energy and sanity out of me every day! (Also, I just realized this is my very first post of the year so maybe this will keep motivating me to write more…its a thought heh.)

These accounts I want to start writing are about people who have inspired me throughout my life. People who probably do not even remember me or know me at times. People who I feel need to be reminded how awesome they are and need to continue to be. These people are family, friends, acquaintances. These people are you, and because they inspired me, they are me.
The very first person I want to write about is very special. She was my very first tutor that my brother and I used to go to study from after school in middle and high school. She was a young, focused, and extremely talented young girl (I am sure she still is). She was studying architecture as far as I remember, and I was fascinated by her drawings and intricate assignments. She was an excellent teacher too. Problems that I got stuck on for hours, she would resolve in a matter of minutes.
Her family lived in a small apartment with three bedrooms. The apartment was like another home. I always felt at peace as a child in it. This was also because her mother was one of the warmest women I ever saw and knew. She was extremely supportive and caring of my mother when my father was working abroad and could not return for eight years. The scent of that apartment, and my teacher’s mother’s bright smile still lingers in my memory.
It is amazing how when we grow up and look back we are able to find things in the cluttered room of our memory, things that we do not even consciously remember or know exist. During my adult life I have more than often found myself standing in the middle of my memory room and finding all sorts of things that give me inspiration now. My dear teacher is one of them. Her smile, determination to make her parents proud, her confidence, the charm in her simple life, even the way she dressed and carried herself, all created an aura around her that I still admire and remember. Perhaps it her inner warmth is the reason that to date she still looks like the teenager who tutored us, not a day older.
She inspired me to be confident, keep working hard, and be a good daughter and sister. She was the eldest sibling of three, like me, so maybe that is why I resonated with her as well later in life. I just want to thank her, and let her know that I pray her children get to cherish her as a person and more just like I still do. May she continue being an inspiration forever.

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