My Education was My Dowry


As long as I can remember my father told me this time and time again that the investment him and my mother made in me was through my education and that in turn was my dowry. Maybe that is why I have always appreciated educated and learned rich people more than materialistically rich people. It may also be why I always loved books as presents and not a suit or jewelry. And it may also be because of this that whenever I write something that gives me immense peace of mind, a little prayer inadvertently skips my heart for my parents and unconsciously I pray for nothing but the best of both worlds for both of them for being so far sighted and different in their perception of long term investment.

My mother especially had this aspiration for all her children that since her childhood lacked a sound education, she wanted us to have the best education we could. So we did, and we excelled by Allah’s Grace. And mind you, I am not just talking about college degrees, because at the point in life I am at, those are nothing more than a piece of paper declaring my academic accomplishments. I am talking strictly in regard to my ability to write and reach out to people. This included everyone I know personally, and distantly through this blog. Reading and writing since as long as I can remember has made me a deeper person in connection with my soul, and gotten me gratefully distant from the exterior facets of individuals that most people relate to.

About 5 years ago for the first time in my life I started dreading these words of my father when I realized when it came to marriage in our society the Utopian philosophy of my father was totally out of sync from the rest of the people we generally knew. However, thanks to my now husband, he was the only other person outside of my family who at the time of our marriage stood by this philosophy and reaffirmed my original belief of education being a sufficient guide in itself. The moral of the story is that as much as I despised commercial education, the wealth of real education that I received was indeed the best thing my parents gave me, it is an ongoing investment, a Sadqah e Jaariya on their part, and May Allah Taala always Reward them with the best of rewards for their efforts, Ameen.